10 Home Remodeling Projects That Won’t Break the Bank

Remodeling; easier said than done.  There are times where you feel like taking a blow torch to end the frustrations of remodeling.  Thankfully there are some home improvement projects that are cost efficient (even free) and can totally transform a drab looking living space into a fresh new updated room.

Here are 10 remodeling projects that can be done for $50 or less:

painting 300x225 10 Home Remodeling Projects That Won’t Break the Bank1) Paint

A $30 gallon of paint can go a long way. Make sure to take a swatch of color samples home and pick a color that best compliments the room and décor.  Buy a slightly lighter shade than what you want on the wall. Remember that paint will dry a little darker than when it goes on wet.

2) De-clutter

This project can be done for free.  Getting rid of unwanted items or items that never get used can drastically improve the look and feel of a room. With just a little muscle, you can open up a room with creating more space. If you’re undecided what to keep or throw out, just use this rule of thumb: If you haven’t used it in a year, throw it out.

You can even make money from this project by using the unwanted items for a garage sale.  You can also donate your clothes, shoes, and furniture to charity or to your local Goodwill and Salvation Army.

3) Accessorize

To add new flair to your rooms, you can swap accessories from one room and put them in the other. Sometimes accessories such as throw pillows or a lamp need a change in environment. There also may be some accessories tucked away in the attic or garage that you can bring out and swap for a few months. For new items, you can also head down to stores like Ross or Marshalls that sell home décor at deep discounts.  For $30 or $40 you can score a few new throw pillows, a lamp, or a wall accessory such as a decorative mirror.

Handles 199x300 10 Home Remodeling Projects That Won’t Break the Bank4) Update door and handle hardware

You can give your doors and drawers a facelift simply by changing the knobs and handles. Door handles can range from $25- $100.  For around $50, you can change all the drawer handles and knobs in a smaller room in the house such as the bathroom.  Home Depot and Handlesets.com has a great selection of knobs and handles.

5) Deep Cleaning

With some cleaning supplies and a little elbow grease, you can change the look (and smell) of any room. For about $25 a day, you can rent a carpet cleaner which cleans better than regular vacuuming.  Pay close attention to the kitchen and bathrooms. Don’t forget about your home’s exterior. Power washing can significantly improve your home’s looks. A good deep cleaning will really make your home look great and it won’t be very expensive, especially if you do the work yourself.

6) Hang photos

The best pictures to hang in your house are often times saved in your computer or camera. You can even edit and change the color of some scenic pictures to black and white for a more modern look or sepia for an antique look. Aaron Brothers has a great selection of frames and often times have big sales like buy one, get one for a penny.  You can also swap pictures in an old painting or old photo frame to save money.

7) Add plants

You can breathe life into a room simply by adding a few plants. Take a look around your yard and pick out greenery or flowers and place them in a pot. Artificial plants also look great in any room.

8 ) Wall Graphics

Wall graphics are made from self-adhesive vinyl or polypropylene film. It has become more and more popular over the years and what’s even better is that they are temporary.  With designs starting at $25, you can change the look of your room as much as you change your mind. Whatisblik.com has a huge assortment of wall decals perfect for any room.

Living Room 300x199 10 Home Remodeling Projects That Won’t Break the Bank9) Rearrange furniture

Rearranging your furniture can add a whole new depth and perception to a room. Try angling chairs and have them face each other for a more inviting look. Even switching lamps to different tables can liven up your dull décor. You can even switch furniture in between rooms.

10) New uses for old things

Every house has an assortment of unused or old items just lying around the house.  You can create new uses for your old stuff. An old ceramic pitcher can be used as a flower vase. Turn old ribbon into curtain ties or an unused clear vase into a candy dish. Sky’s the limit!

“Home Remodel (After Images)” Photo Credit: b-line construction

“A Painting Party” Photo Credit: Moon Stars and Paper

“Guest House Living Room” Photo Credit: Chad Jones


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